Project Reference

JRW is an engineering and contracting company that built completed turnkey AIS and GIS Substation up to 115 kV and LV & Medium Voltage Distribution System.

Turnkey Power Substation: Renovation and construction of Power Substation for Future Park Mega Shopping Mall, ZPELL Project, during 1 April - 29 December 2014 {9 months)

  • We designed, supplied, constructed and implemented with the State-ofthe Art Technology in order to increase the capacity of the existing Power Substation.
  • We replaced the existing power equipments (2 sets of 69kV switchgear, 2 sets of 22kV switchgear, 2 sets of 20/25MVA transformers and all power cables including control cables) with SIEMENS HV switchgear (115kV GIS), MV primary switchgear, power transformers, all new power cables including control cables and CSCS Systems.
  • Replacement of all existing high voltage equipments
  • Design, supply and installation for 115kV GIS, 115kV underground cable & termination
  • Supply and installation for 2 units of 115kV GIS power transformer 50/60MVA
  • Design, supply and installation for 22kV GIS (MV primary switchgear)
  • Supply and installation for MV secondary switchgear
  • Design, supply and installation 69/22kV substation control & protection system, AC/DC supply, N2 fire extinguishing system
  • Bui lt for the extension oil tank, modification of existing transformer foundation and other civil works